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How to Use Stories of Great Transition

These stories are valuable in bringing new insight and vitality into our personal lives and the lives of organizations of all kinds. Importantly, there is no single, 'right story.' The work of the storyteller or facilitator is to weave together an ecology of stories into a larger narrative --a coherent 'story field' that emerges from combining stories. Each story is a variation on a larger theme of transition. Although each of these individual stories of transition is profound, together they reveal an even greater transition is underway. We are moving into unprecedented and unimagined times. By combining the deep insight and wisdom of these stories, we can tell an even larger story that has the coherence, integrity, and combined strength of many narratives. These new narratives can orient our lives and help us prioritize our actions in the middle of confusion and chaos.

Here are two, major areas where we are drawing together resources to support exploration of our time of great transition:

  • Personal Transformation: Applying these stories to one's personal life. Learning to re-story our lives and go with the flow of our changing world.
  • Organizational Transformation: Learning to re-story organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, to move with our times of profound transition.

Useful Skill Sets

There is a range of skill sets that can assist with our ability to understand and tell stories of great transition. These include:

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