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Here are the core assumptions that underly much of this work:

  • The universe is a unique kind of living system that encompasses all life that is within it.
  • The universe is evolving and has a 'central project'--it is building self-organizing systems at every scale. Self-organizing systems are 'learning systems.'
  • We are moving from running on automatic to self-reflective, conscious evolution. We are challenged to be deliberate, intentional about where we are headed. Wake up or die.
  • There is freedom, and therefore responsibility, at the foundations of existence. In turn, we are challenged to take responsibility for learning to live in a living universe.
  • The emerging stage of conscious evolution is the awakening of a reflective consciousness or a mirroring or observing consciousness.
  • We can reflect, not only on our own lives, but on our collective lives and work for collective truth, understanding, restorative justice, and reconciliation.
  • Globalization (to respond to global challenges in finance, climate, food, etc.) is being accompanied by intense localization (transition towns, ecovillages, retrofit, co-housing communities, etc.).
  • Holding the mass media accountable for how it is programming our collective consciousness is vital as well as working with our mass media to cultivate a mass mind of sustainable prosperity.
  • In making the pivotal turn from separation to connection, we also consciously integrate the co-evolution of culture and consciousness.
  • Our 'near gifts' will not suffice; the evolutionary challenge we face requires each of us to give our 'true gifts.'
  • Our happiness with life is not primarily through 'things' but the quality of our relationships, the meaningfulness of work, ease of access to nature, and the richness of our community life.
  • A more conscious society fosters a more conscious democracy characterized by far greater citizen involvement via the new electronic media.

These underlying assumptions and understandings are explored in greater detail in linked pages.

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