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I help people live well where they live. My practice is fluently supporting the life force in every person, group, or situation, opening space for the emergence of spirited leadership and appropriate forms for collective evolution. My work links people and place, supporting robust interdependent relationships.

I have over a decade of experience in guiding the formation of emergent communities: as a founder and principal organizer of Spirited Work, an Open Space learning community of practice, linking conscious evolution with practical action. I am a pioneer and fluent practitioner of Open Space Technology and Appreciative Inquiry as well as other forms that open space for practical creative activity. I’ve worked locally and globally with a diversity of organizations, including corporations, cooperatives, educational institutions, arts organizations, foundations, non-profits and community groups.

Associations: I’m an Associate of the Sunyata Group; a Founding Board member of the CompassionateActionNetwork (CAN); Friends of Third Place Commons; and JournalismThatMatters/Pacific Northwest; Peacetrees Vietnam; and currently, an adviser to Festival in the Workplace, an organizational transformation effort based in the Bahamas, and the School of Inspired Leadership ( in Gurgaon, India.

I also have seventeen years experience as an award-winning television producer, with KING 5-TV, in Seattle Washington. In that capacity, I generated documentaries and special programs that illuminated community issues and were produced in collaboration with People Power, a broad consortium of community leaders.

And I love to play, work, and cavort with family, friends and strangers (are there any?)!!

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